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Gravel quarry.

Platform towards the sea

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Platform towards the sea

Lines playing in the square

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Lines playing in the square

Black, red and white

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Composition through colors and lines

Red car in a sea of ​​lines

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Composing with lines in some greenhouses in the Canary Islands

Coronado, CA

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{SS Monte Carlo} Coronado Beach, CA My photos of this 80 year old shipwreck are the first of it’s kind. The last time this buried vessel was seen was in 2010. This is a vertical panoramic photo composed of 4 images...

Carlsbad Channel

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The railroad tracks that pass over the Carlsbad channel create amazingly unique sand patterns and water color. The water color seems to change throughout the day and is absolutely stunning when seen from above. This i...

Crop Circle

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Scripps Pier La Jolla, CA

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{Surfers + Sunset} Scripps Pier, California 12 image 3-layer composition of Scripps Pier in La Jolla, CA by Aldryn Estacio of FlytPath.com My goal was to line up the sunset with the tip of the pier and the final r...