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Concrete and nature, harmony

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Concrete and nature, harmony

tower of power

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flying into an abandoned cooling tower

The Tower of moss

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Abandoned Cooling Tower

Concrete Pour World Record

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Concrete pour world record in Downtown Miami. The most amount of liquid concrete poured in 48 hours perfectly captured with a drone.

Old, ruined, district in the center of St. Petersburg, Russia

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Old, ruined, district in the center of St. Petersburg, Russia


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concrete floor

Downtown Los Angeles and the LA River

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The LA River passing through the concrete masses. Downtown LA can be seen in the background.

Empty port

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Most of the sea ports you see on photos are full of boats and vessels: this shot gives you an idea on how an empty port looks like. It is a geometry of concrete, stones and sea, that tries to conquer the empty spaces...

Amazing texture of a breakwater head, with concrete tetrapods, Malamocco, Venice

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The breakwater head of Malamocco, Venice

Suspended roundabout

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Modern suspended roundabout connecting urban areas , implemented for traffic optimization and improved safety

Communist era factory

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Aerial view of the ruins of a factory from the glory days of communist era economy

IJburg, Amsterdam

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An edit of three big silo's in Amsterdam

Turquoise lake of a dam

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Water accumulation from a river valley in the mountains forming an artificial dam with arched concrete wall