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Castelrotto on a stormy day

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Panorama of the little town of Castelrotto in the north of Italy as a storm comes in,

Warm light over a Farm House

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Panorama of a beautiful winery just as the sun goes down.

Farm House under perfect light

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Beautiful farm house i shot while flying in tuscany at sunset, everything was just perfect with the light on no wind, panorama of 10 images taken with the Phantom 4

The Key Hole

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The Venice pier taken looking straight down at it, this was composed of multiple images giving a very graphic look to this structure

Griffith Observatory blinded by the light

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The griffith Observatory taken from above as the sun rises above it.

Warm Sunrise on Venice Beach

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The pier on Venice Beach taken just a few minutes after sunrise,

Lone tree

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A beautiful lone tree on top of a hill, taken in Hollywood, California

Fingers of the Ocean

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A 5 Second Slow shutter speed capture taken above the cost of california

Vernazza from Above

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The beautiful town of Vernazza in Italy taken from above with the perfect light

Vernazza at sunset

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The Beautiful town of vernazza in the Cinque-terre at the perfect light.

Farm House on a windy road

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A little farm house on a cool windy road taken from above in the middle of tuscany

Road Vanishing in Tuscany

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Beautiful windy road vanishing in the middle of Tuscany taken from above

Vernazza from the Ocean

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A Panorama of Vernazza alone on the side of the Italian coast taken from the Ocean

The Dying City

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While driving in the middle of Italy we came across this incredible city on a rock, this city is over 2500 years old with only 20 residents left leaving there full time and going down slowly, being able to fly over an...

Sunset on the skateboard park

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The last few minutes of light over the Venice skateboard park

Moving water under the Venice pier

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Slow Shutter speed of 5 second while looking down on the Venice pier

Warp Speed over the pier

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Flying the inspire at full speed over the venice pier with a 5 second shutter speed

san marino

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The Two towers of San Marino getting lit by the light of sunrise

Blue Water

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took this panorama of St-John in the USVI a little before sunset, the conditions were perfect allowing me to capture the all island with multiple images

Explosion of Light in Nelson

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Panorama taken with the Inspire1 at sunrise of this cool little city called Nelson