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Best of Altay nature from above

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Unforgettable summer trip along the Chuisky tract and the Katun' river. Spectacular and picturesque landscapes of Lake Teletskoye. And also, in the village of Artybash, we managed to attend the celebration of firework...

San Isidro Way

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Camino de San Isidro, Asturias, Spain, nos podemos encontrar pueblos tan preciosos como Felechosa o Cuevas. www.alphadrones.es

Felechosa, Asturias, Spain

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FElechosa, Asturias, Spain. www.alphadrones.es

Cuevas, Asturias, Spain

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Cuevas, Asturias, Spain.

Road cenital

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Road. www.alphadrones.es

Felechosa road

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Felechosa road

Lonely Tree

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Lonley Tree. www.alphadrones.es

Harvester near Wegefarth, Saxony, Germany

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A combine harvester near Wegefarth in Saxony (Germany).

Hannes Eichinger

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Sexy woman with white, blue dress goes and dances by in rye field

Hannes Eichinger

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sexy woman with hat and short jeans and sunglasses is in rye field in summer

Hannes Eichinger

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Harvester in Austria

Epic Knight Battle aerial | Medieval fight reenactment from drone DJI Phantom 4.

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Epic knight battle in Moscow city. Medieval fight reenactment. Aerial video from drone DJI Phantom 4.

The Joseph-Volokolamsk Monastery

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Winter day in the monastery. Aerial view from the drone allows us to enjoy all the beauty of the architecture of the place.

Erben view, Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic

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Sunset over the city from Erben view point

arround a island in thailand

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a video arround Ko Lanta island thailand

small village in the rhoen

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a small village in the rhoen germany


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Snow Valley


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Sunrise at the castle

Ingolstadt Herbst

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Ingolstadt Donau im Herbst 2015


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INgolstadt www.inflowmotion.de


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Ingolstadt - klenzepark

Ingolstadt Herbst Stadt

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Ingolstadt Stadttheater


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Ingolstadt Donau new castle 2015

Ingolstadt Donau

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Ingolstadt Sonnenuntergang 2015 Donau / Neues Schloss (New Castle)