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Self-portrait in labyrinth

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Awesome place!

aerial view of a village road

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aerial view of a village road

Farmers harvesting corn

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Farmers harvesting corn in Holland

Farmers harvesting corn

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Farmers busy harvesting corn. It's a great thing to film with a drone

Corn Field

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Corn field 🤣🤔🤔🌳⛰️ #SkyVision #imagensAereas #Corn #CornField #AerialShoot #Drone #Dji #Phanton4advanced #Green #Nature #Portugal #Photography #Shoot #Sun #SunnyDay #Sky #AerialView #FotografiaAerea #Peace #DjiPhanton...

Corn Field

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Corn field

Indiana Corn

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There's more than corn in Indiana.

Harvest time

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Harvest time in Worcestershire

gold wheat field

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golden wheat field

Flields of Green and Gold

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This photo capture the stunning landscape East of Perth during the harvesting season. Green fields of corn on the left and gold fields of canola on the right!

Corny times

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Oak tree left to grow in the middle of corn field

St. Peters, Minnesota USA

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Random Aerial Clips of Fall's Corn Harvest near St. Peter, MN Pilot: Bruce Christianson Edit: Carlton McMillan Music: "An Ending (Ascent)" - Brian Eno

Corn Harvest in Adrian, Michigan

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Corn harvest in SE Michigan

Ottawa Lake, Michigan

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A farmer in Michigan harvests corn as the fall harvest season begins.

Corn maze in Kurozweki

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Corn maze

Gustine Texas

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Le mais pour des vaches. Un photo pris avant le récolte

Neureut, Germany

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This is a shot from the "dragon spot" in Neureut, Germany

Neureut, Germany

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A beautiful shot at sunset in Neureut, Germany in 2016

Clyde North, Victoria, Australia

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Aerial shot of a farm in Clyde North

Sørvad, Denmark

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Waiting for the corn to grow.

Cananeia Farm, Vassouras, RJ, Brazil

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Corn harvest

Chapman, Nebraska

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Close flyby of towering grain elevators along US 50 (Lincoln Highway).


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Flying over a field of harvested corn stalks with remaining tracks