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Galloway cows

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Galloway cows in Heidebos, Belgium


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Moo cows

Enjoy your meal

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Cows by the meal

Herding Dog

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A lot of cows, one dog.

Cows in field direct view winter feeding Aaron Sneddon

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Cows in field direct view winter feeding Aaron Sneddon


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Vacas en Asturias

Midday Winter Sun

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Aerial flight of cattle farm in winter.

Beautiful Romania

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My Romania motorcycle trip.

Beautiful Romania

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My yearly motorcycle trip, this time Romania. I hope you enjoy this short video. Music by: Kaskade - Disarm You (Illenium Remix)

Est de Vallet, 44, France

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Est de Vallet, 44, France. Campagne aux abords du vignoble nantais.

Faro Lastres

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Faro de Lastres, Asturias, España, Spain, www.alphadrones.es

Curved Road, Austria

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Curved Road, Gresten - Austria

Cows in nature

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On the great pasture

Two Moo

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Two cows take their morning drinks as the sun casts their shadows across the water.

Milky way

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Cow farm in the Kaluga region.

Quite moment in a green field

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Few cows enjoying the morning sun

The wonders of our field

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Does anyone doubt the about the wonders of our field? We achieved this clip in the village of Cámbulos of Puerto Santander, a place full of magic wherever you look, where the sun illuminates the entire grassland warmi...

North Bend, WA

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Cow gazing in North Bend, WA. No cows were harmed in the making of this video. They seemed uninterested and kept on chompin on the grass.

North Bend, WA

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Cows, North Bend, WA


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cows seen from above

Chichimene, Dto del Meta, Colombia

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Cows looking for a good spot to eat.

Rocking Arrow Rance, Many, Louisiana

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Shadow Play. Cows and their shadows, taken at a farm in rural Louisiana

Cocoa, Florida, USA

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"The Rugged Frontier" The life of Florida cattle can be rough and filled with challenges. Drones can be used beneficially to monitor the health and population of the cows.

Serra da Groba, Torroña, Spain – 1

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Lots of horses and cows seen from fixed wing UAV.