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Flower field

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Flower field somewhere on Crimea peninsula

Sunken ships

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Flooded ships off the coast of Crimea

White Rock

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White Rock, Crimea

The Big Octopus

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The Green Island of Karadag

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Drone pano. Koktebel, Crimea

Beginning of autumn

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The segment of the route Simferopol - Yalta in the beginning of the Crimean autumn

Pink salt production

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Pink salt production


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Yalta lighthouse, top view.

View of Сape Сhameleon.

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Travelers take pictures on collapsing path at Cape Chameleon.

The cave in rock

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The cave in rock

The lighthouse

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Small white lighthouse at cape Meganom.

The lake view at Sun valley

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The view of beautiful lake among the vineyards.


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Mountain Dance


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awesome Crimea

Koktebel, Crimea, Russian Federation

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Crimea - Koktebel Boney M - Sunny Walkera QR X350 Pro, Ilook+ Sony NEX-5N

Mangup, Crimea, Russian Federation

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Crimea - Mangup Ambra - Signs of Love Walkera QR X350 Pro, Ilook+ Sony NEX-5N

Armutluk, Crimea, Russian Federation

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Crimea - Armutluk, Karadag Enya - Wild Child Walkera QR-X350 PRO, Ilook+

South Demerdji, Crimea, Russian Federation

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Tribute to Jean-Claude Van Damme Epic Split

Crimea, Russia

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Crimea bird's-eye view

Gaspra, Yalta, Russia

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Phantom flies with doves over the former princely castle