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It looks like an underwater waterfall. This is the Orange beach

Blue Nature

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This is my favorite beach in Greece - Orange beach

Natural Contrast

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3 types of totally natural colors

In the middle of nowhere

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The most beautiful and purest island I have ever seen in my life.

Stonehaven Beach

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Evening on the coast of Stonehaven,Aberdeen, Scotland

surf girls

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Two female surfers paddling out from the beach, Fiji Islands

Crystal clear water

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Impressive how the water can be clear in places on this earth !

Fifty shades of blue

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No better way to discover new shades of blue than from the air in the Maldives 😍 !

Boca Paila, Quintana Roo, Mexico

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A new bridge lies parallel to the original bridge that brought visitors deep into this forgotten corner of Mexico. This is Boca Paila, where the lagoon of Sian Ka'an empties into the crystal clear waters of the Caribb...


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Taking a quick swim from a standup paddle board, Fiji Islands

N.lhohi Maldives

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capturing my team.. on the beach..

N.lhohi Maldives

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capturing waves are wash the beach, peoples are enjoy there beach,,

N.kendhivaru Maldives

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capturing beach, nature

Maldives N.kendhivaru

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capturing sandy beach, reflection of the sun light..

Maldives N.kendhivaru

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capturing sandy beach, reflection of the sun light..

Brescia, Italy

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DR.ONE Aerial Service Aerial View @Brescia2 area, Brescia Italy