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Cúcuta in a hyperlapse

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A different look of our city, that makes us fall in love with its nocturnal landscapes.

Sobre la nueva cero

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Intentado atrapar un rayo sobre la ciudad de Cúcuta.

The pearl of the north

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A magnificent sight of Cúcuta.

Blossom sunrise

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A beautiful sunrise over Cúcuta

The city of threes

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Cúcuta, the city of threes.

Intercambiador de Atalaya

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Una obra que ayudó mucho a esta ciudadela de Cúcuta

Transport Round Point

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Just a rush hour.

Cácota de Velasco

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Our recommended for this weekend is the beautiful municipality of Cácota de Velasco, a picturesque location in the middle of the mountains of Norte de Santander, which offers its visitors a space with the nature and t...


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Panoramic over Chinácota

Happy 284 years Cúcuta!

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284 years of stories, of lives, of loves, of hates, of advances and setbacks, but mainly 284 years of growth. A little homage to our beautiful \'Pearl of the North\'.

Natural decoration

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A group of herons reach a tree in the middle of a lagoon to rest, a meeting point that beautifully decorates the Catatumbo jungle in Colombia.

Tarde de arreboles

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Así se despidió la tarde de hoy en cielo cucuteño, una tarde de arreboles como ya nos tiene acostumbrados nuestra hermosa tierra vista desde la redoma padre García Herreros.

The Samán tree

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In the center of the park is the historical Samán, symbol of Bochalema, planted on December 29, 1888 in Christmas, by the inhabitants of the town. Since then, the Samán has been constituted in a forced reference of th...


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The morning sun fills with nutrients the oil palm crops in Catatumbo, Colombia.

The fingerprint of our peasants

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Our peasants leave their mark on everything they do, cultivating the countryside so that our homes never miss food, that is the fingerprint that marks our history, if we neglect the countryside we will be doomed to di...

Order in the death

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Humans are always looking for different ways of organizing, in our homes, work and everyday life, but even for death there is organization, as can be seen in this image achieved on the Central Cemetery of the city of ...

Flowered Cañaguate

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Thousands of cañaguates flourished for the spring, decorating the Hill of Tasajero, that watches to Cúcuta from the north.

Beautiful nature

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A batch of cows with their calves cross the pasture of the farm La Ceiba, in the village of Cámbulos de Puerto Santander. The image we captured during a work done in this place full of natural wonders that decorate th...

Connection points: the future

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Throughout history humanity has always sought to find points that connect with the great links of our existence, ways that guide us to the answers of the deepest questions that lead us into the future; That connect us...

The other city

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The other side of the city, human settlements, poverty rings that are gradually surrounding the capital of Norte de Santander, Colombia, a part forgotten by the Government.


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¿Cómo no enamorarse de estas calles? Una ciudad tan hermosa como nuestra Cúcuta del alma merece todos los elogios.

Happy Earth Day!

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Today we want to celebrate Earth Day with this compilation of images that during our almost three years of work we have achieved. A small homage to our home, the one who saw us born, live and the one who will see us d...

City lights

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A beautiful panoramic view of one of the most important bridges of my city, Cúcuta, Colombia. The Saint Mateo round.

The city of our dreams

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Cúcuta, ese pedazo de tierra que sentimos en cada rincón de nuestros cuerpos, calles que a diario nos enamoran y que a pesar de sus grandes dificultades, sigue adelante herida por la corrupción. Una ciudad que merece ...