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Accurate geometry from above

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Accurate geometry above the Schwarzenbergs' tomb next to the Orlík dam.


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Private dump of vehicles in Dobra near Frydek-Mistek


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Lovely morning in Jizerske Hory, Czech Republic


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The youngest town in the Czech Republic


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Amphitheater in Svoboda orchards in Frydek-Mistek ... nickname Ray

Ruins of medieval castle Hukvaldy

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Besides the castle, Hukvaldy is known for the birth of world-renowned composer Leos Janacek

Památník Slezkého odboje

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facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Czech-drone-... Vršek nad Hájem, zvaný od nepaměti „Hůrka“ nebo „Ostrá hůrka“, sloužil v dávných dobách jako strážný vrch. Svůj novodobý význam získal především jako místo konání táb...

Roofs of garages

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It looks like a slum, but it's not

The wetland in the Nature Reserve … a maybe trace of the UFO

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Search for traces of extraterrestrial civilizations on earth

Winter Wonderland in Czech republic

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Winter 2017/18 in Czech republic shot on my DJI Phantom 4 drone. Enjoy!

Above the mirror

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Above the nature mirror.

River flow

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I took a flight around and I found this river, flowing through the land of nobody. I call these shots Island-like because of the similarity to these shots.

A new day is behind the horizon

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Beautiful morning golden hour behind the hill. A new day is behind the horizon. New beginning.

Industrial sunrise

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Awesome adventure to catch this breathtaking moment. Misty industrial golden hour above the valley. Slept in the car to wake up early and start flying. Then had a breakfast in the grass :)

Giacobbeem Aerialshots | Showreel 2017

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This the best of my work in 2017. This year was breakthrough in my life. I ended professional career of mountainbiker and started enjoying my life to the fullest. Adventures, photography, drones, travelling, spending ...

Golden hour of sunrise in my home land

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I drove my car 200 km away from my home to catch this unique moment. I am so glad I did it!


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Prague is one of the most magical cities in Europe

Chapel among the fields

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South Moravia is a region of the Czech Republic, often called the Czech Tuscany. Boundless fields with an unusual relief, among which scattered lonely chapels, create very picturesque landscapes, which are particularl...

South Moravian landscapes

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South Moravia is a region of the Czech Republic, often called the Czech Tuscany. Endless fields combined with a very unusual relief create picturesque landscapes.

In the shadow

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A lonely chapel on a hot spring day in the fields of South Moravia

Dronestagram drone photo contest 2018

Dear members of the Dronestagram Community,

It has been a pretty long time waiting but here we are: starting today, we are thrilled to announce that the Dronestagram 2018 drone photography contest is open, in partnership with our friends at studioSPORT!

From now and until November, 11th, 12 AM, you can post your best drone pictures to share the beauty of the world seen from above.