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Around the Most city

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Edges of Most city shot by drone. Mornings and evenings above Vtelno, Velebudice, Slatinice, Chanov, autodrome and lake Most. Old city was ruined in 60´s and 70´s due to coal mining. A new city was born from sorrow of...


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Lignite surface mines in Usti region

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There are four mines in Usti region. Mine Nastup is on the west side and it is largest mine area in CZ. In central part there are two mines on opposite sides, Vrsany and CSA. Vrsany is the youngest one and CSA has the...

Opatovice power station

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See cogeneration coal powered power station Opatovice in Pardubice district. Power station is a landmark on the highway from Prague to Hradec Kralove or Pardubice cities. It produces electric, heating steam, building...

Spring in South Moravia

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Czech Republic

Autumn morning in Central uplands

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A small piece of loveliness in Central uplands at autumn golden sunrise. Shot nearby Hnojnice, Libceves and Horenec villages in Czech republic.

Golden hour from bird perspective

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Morning golden hour at the edge of Central Bohemian uplands.

Winter wonderland

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South Moravia, Czechia

Sunrise over the dam

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Sunrise over the Landštejn dam in Czech republic.

Beauties of autumn Czech republic

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Colorful autumn of the Czech republic - an aerial view to Schwarzenberg tomb near the Orlík dam.

Accurate geometry from above

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Accurate geometry above the Schwarzenbergs' tomb next to the Orlík dam.


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Private dump of vehicles in Dobra near Frydek-Mistek


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Lovely morning in Jizerske Hory, Czech Republic


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The youngest town in the Czech Republic


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Amphitheater in Svoboda orchards in Frydek-Mistek ... nickname Ray

Ruins of medieval castle Hukvaldy

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Besides the castle, Hukvaldy is known for the birth of world-renowned composer Leos Janacek

Památník Slezkého odboje

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facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Czech-drone-... Vršek nad Hájem, zvaný od nepaměti „Hůrka“ nebo „Ostrá hůrka“, sloužil v dávných dobách jako strážný vrch. Svůj novodobý význam získal především jako místo konání táb...

Roofs of garages

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It looks like a slum, but it's not

The wetland in the Nature Reserve … a maybe trace of the UFO

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Search for traces of extraterrestrial civilizations on earth

Winter Wonderland in Czech republic

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Winter 2017/18 in Czech republic shot on my DJI Phantom 4 drone. Enjoy!

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