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Vacaresti Delta, Bucharest

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Vacaresti Delta, Bucharest. The only natural parc within a city in Romania. Shot with the new Mavic 2 Pro.

High Tide in Isla del Moral, Spain

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The tides are provided by means of the attraction of the Sun and the Moon over the waters of the sea. The forces acting on the tides occur because the Earth is an extensive body and the gravitational field that is pro...

Low Tide in Olhão – Portugal

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Olhão - Portugal from above for my serie about high & low tides with my drone, 2016.

Low tide in Faro

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Ria Formosa in Faro has 18.400hec and It's the most important Delta in europe.

Minimalist boat of Faro

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View from above of Faro, Portugal.

Amazing Cordouan Lighthouse

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Flight above the Lighthouse of Cordouan, low tide and autumn luminosity

Hot Air Balloon in the médocan sky

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A hot-air balloon in the sky of the Médoc, far off the estuary of the Gironde

Exploring Danube Delta with canoes!

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Exploring Danube Delta with canoes. Aerial shot with a Phantom 4 drone, today!

In The Hood Delta

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Stopped along the River by Hood Franklin along the Delta south of Elk Grove CA

Danube Delta 2017

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Discovering Danube Delta with a drone and a canoe :)


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Lighthouse in dunes of The Ebro Delta

Tracks on a Drawbrige

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Trains pass along the tracks in the Delta over many drawbridges in the system.

Irrigation Streams along the Delta

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Streams the deliver water to the crops in the Delta

Abstract river delta…

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An abstract view of a river delta with lava sand. That gives the specific black color to the sand...

Bridge over the river…

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Road nr 1 in Iceland travels around the whole country. Here it passes a large river delta.

Black flames…

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An abstract view over a - lava sand - river delta in Iceland

Discovering Danube Delta with a Canoe and a drone

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Danube Delta, Romania, Europe as seen from above. Aerial shot from a drone that I took with me in a canoe trip in the Delta two days ago. The Danube Delta is the second largest river delta in Europe, after the Volga D...

Discovering Danube Delta with a Canoe!

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Discovering Danube Delta with a Canoe! And a drone!

Discover Danube Delta with a Canoe!

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An island like a continent. In Danube Delta, Romania.

St Johns River Delta

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St Johns river delta as seen from above at sunrise in Central Florida.