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Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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From our shooting location.. The city of the boxes...

Another summer twilight

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Another summer twilight while the drone racing was about to come to an end. I actually took an aerial 360 photo with my bebop, of this beautiful twilight. I really love how beautiful mother nature is- all the time!...

Uttara, Dhaka

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The storm gang [Koel; the Stormbird] We had a drone racing day last month, in Uttara. Suddenly a nasty storm came. Such nasty storm is called- "Kal Boishakhi" [Black summer storm], because the clouds are so dense t...

Uttara, Dhaka

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My Parrot bebop had a soothing flight this afternoon...

Kurmitola, Dhaka

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Happy New Year to my favorite DRONESTAGRAM COMMUNITY!! An aerial shot of Dhaka's 31st celebration! I missed the grand fireworks though...


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Although I planned everything, but I was late to take the shot. I was so occupied with my other work, that I totally forgot about the ultimate hour of new year fireworks! However I got a glimpse of it.

Hazrat Shahjalal Airport, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Small drone meets the big brother, right at the end of the day... Time for me to sign off flying... ^_^

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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A playing field I grew up playing football on... It\'s now acquired by the real estate company and they are killed the green of the field, trees providing shadow and building the grey houses on it. It\'s a typical dep...

GEC Circle, Chittagong

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The city without rush of people inside it.


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Aerial view of mother nature. The Green and the blue of seashore can give anyone the feeling of heaven.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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I and the lovely-love-of-my-life…. She hates the drone- but she also loves being in the selfies! Oops- it is a dronie! ^_^ I’m loving the camera of Parrot Bebop TBH!

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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I and my younger love our Parrot and we love to go beyond the top and do experiments with our eyes from the sky! This is my shot which was turned to a tinyplanet from my Parrot A.R. Drone 2.0 We love flying with ou...

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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"Kal Boishakhi" is the Bangla term of the summer storms. The fierceness of Kal-Boishakhi is totally unpredictable.. Today I took this in afternoon, just before a strong summer storm took place... The sky was like- bre...

dhaka, Bangladesh

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*Looking for the network* through the pea-soup fog on a winter morning! ^_^

dhaka, Bangladesh

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A tinyplanet view of my city!

Lake City Concord, Khilkhet, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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My beloved city, cloaked with "Pea soup" dawn-fog... Usually during this season of the year, the scenario is alarming among the people living below the poverty line in Bangladesh. It's because the temperature drops f...