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The watering hole

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Found this watering hole in the frozen marsh.

Lake Elsinore

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Sunset on Lake Elsinore

Mount Rainier

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Sunrise over Mount Rainier mixed with a little bit uh local flava in ya ear

Lake Eppalock, Victoria

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Finally getting a chance to get the drone out of the box and give it a test run. Gimbal needs calibration. 4K footage downscaled to 1080. Very stable in high winds and smooth video. Happy with the first test flight. S...

Gavarnie Pic Lary

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Pic lary whit Splitboard

Lake Crescent, Washington

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Super cold morning at Lake Crescent. Such clean, crisp air it was quite delightful.

Corfu Island, Greece

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Another day at the beach! Follow me for more: www.facebook.com/thedronero/

Lake Crescent sunrise in the fog

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Beautiful morning at Lake Crescent in Washington State. Thank you for the original music @loudcitymusic Fingers frozen but you know I got that minestrone light it up

Gasworks Park, Seattle, WA

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Sunset over Gasworks Park, Lake Union, Seattle

Sauk River, WA

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Little camping trip with my lovely lady and some friends up to the Sauk River, near Darrington, Washington. North Cascades. I just like how this little eddy looks like the head of a bird!

old castle, Horne Lefantovce, Slovakia

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Sunset over old castle in Horne Lefantovce.

Marymere Falls, Washington

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Sunrise at Lake Crescent and Marymere Falls, Washington.

Battle Point Park, Bainbridge Island, Washington

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Looking West over Bainbridge Island, Washington. The green rectangle is Battle Point Park

Lake Serene / Bridal Veil Falls Trailhead

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Glorious hike (Summer ’16) up to Lake Serene in the Cascade Mountain Range with my lovely lady and some friends. Seriously, one of the most magical places I have ever been in Washington State. And I’ve been to Pioneer...

Nosy Ve Island [Madagascar]

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Nosy Ve Island, Anakao, Madagascar. Phantom DJi 4//

Genka River,Genka,Nago,Okinawa,Japan

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Genka River,Genka,Nago,Okinawa,Japan

Krivoy Rog

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I wanted to convey the atmosphere of this place. Place, where combines complete devastation and lonely beauty


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Just another day

The Pacific Coast Highway, California, USA

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All this footage was done with the official recording permits. The Pacific Coast Highway, in California, from the air. Done on my last trip during October and November of 2016, while visiting some of my best friends. ...

Authie Bay, France

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Pour la vidéo en version française : https://youtu.be/RQg5y-Dk8cA The Authie Bay is one the most beautiful bay in France, at just 2 hours from Paris. A few kilometers to the North from the Somme bay, the Authie ...