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Imagination – Maltese dog

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Mind imagination in ford at small river.

TOO Fast

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Time. It\'s a strange thing. Wait for it. Drone Hyperlapses with a special... guest :) Shot all around central Italy: GranSasso, Amalfi coast, Rome, Albano. Filmed 100% with DJI Mavic 2 Pro except for first shot.

Herding Dog

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A lot of cows, one dog.

Bradfield Beach shaped like Ernie

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Beach in the shape of our jug Ernie.

Woman and dog

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Un dimanche à Mayotte, sur une de ses plages discrètes, merveilleuse...entre sable clair et lagon turquoise...

Running with beagles

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floating ice

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Floating ice in East Greenland during last winter. Global warming affect all place on earth.


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Crazy Iceberg, stuck in the icepack for winter in East Greenland

Tasiilaq remote city

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Tasiilaq, in East Greenland is the main city here. It is probably one of the most remote big city in the world. Separate from the rest of the world by the ice pack during 9 months in a year.

Above the glacier

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Above the Glacier Apusiajiik in East Greenland during winter.

Ice Hunter

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Inuit hunting on sea ice. For them hunting is a way of surviving here in the really remote area of East Greenland

Ice formation

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Sea ice foramtion in East Greenland during febuary 2017. We can already see there the climate changes and direct impact on ice.

Dogsledding in Greenland

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Dogsledding in East Greenland on the ice pack. Winter 2017


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Colorful city of Tasiilaq in East Greenland early morning in winter.

Dogsledding in Greenland

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Dogsledding with the Inuit in East Greenland, in direction of Apusiajiik glacier

Enjoy the mountains!

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Result of a weekend in the mountains.

Dog Island

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300 meters above Dog island Anguilla 🇦🇮

Kau Nga Ling, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

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Kau Nga Ling (Dog Teeth Range) is located at Lantau Island, the branch range of Lantau Peak, the eastern side of Shek Pik Reservoir. ‘Kau Nga Ling’ literally means the ‘hill of dogs’ teeth’ due to its thin and rugged ...

Drone + Dogs + Water

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Drone, dogs and water ! Have Fun !

Smidstrup Beach

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A Cloudy fun flight, at the coastline near Gilleleje Denmark

Zyuratkul, Satka, Russian Federation

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Sled dog race

Zyuratkul, Satka, Russian Federation

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Sled dog racing

Belgium, Opgrimbie, VVDH De Duivelsberg

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German Shepherd training

Allgäu, Germany

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australian shepherd vs. phantom 2