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Best of Altay nature from above

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Unforgettable summer trip along the Chuisky tract and the Katun' river. Spectacular and picturesque landscapes of Lake Teletskoye. And also, in the village of Artybash, we managed to attend the celebration of firework...

Krasnodar sunset aerial (part 1). DJI PHANTOM 4 drone video

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Time to Fly #18 Krasnodar sunset aerial (part 1). DJI PHANTOM 4 drone video. This is the first video from my trip to Krasnodar on May holidays. The city impresses by it's evening beauty and harmony. With the sett...

Who says that fog is bad

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Much fog around that don't invite to take the car and go on the roads but i know a place where it could be interesting to film by the drone because of the soft touch that FOG can give to the lands in the countryside, ...