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Eagle Tree

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Bald Eagle perched in what I call Eagle Tree! There are always eagles here! Hope everyone loves seeing America's bird the same way I do!

Crying Eagle

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Looking directly down at a Monterey Bay salt marsh near the mouth of the Salinas River. It kind of looks like the profile of an eagles head and he/she is crying.

Crying Eagle

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Salt marshes of the Salinas River near its mouth into the Monterey Bay. I see a profile of an eagles head spilling tears.

The Largest Eagle of the World at the nest

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Female Steller's Sea Eagle at the nest. North East Siberia.

Steller’s Sea Eagle delivering fish to its nest

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Steller's Sea Eagle delivering salmon to its nest. Remote part of North East Siberia. Picture was taken as a part of routine survey of the Eagle's population. Drones are instrumental ti minimize effect of human distur...

Machu Pikachu

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I am literally the best photographer


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one of the oldest aerials of mine

Bali Barat National Park, Indonesia

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Capturing an eagle soaring....

Melba Playing Fields, ACT, Australia

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Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 attacked by Magpie Bird at 37 meters!