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Christmas Decorations 2017

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That time again. Here is our Christmas decorations for 2017. It took us a little while to put them up so we hope you enjoy them.

Laguna Lake Community

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I flew over the Laguna Lake community in Elk Grove, California. It is such a pretty place to live. You can play tennis, swim and there is boating on the lake.

Laguna Creek Racquet Club

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I flew over the Laguna Creek Racquet Club in Elk Grove, CA. Its a great family fun place.

New Construction in Elk Grove

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I flew over the construction of the new Aquatic Complex and an AMPM and Taco Bell.

The Park

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This is Kramer Park in Elk Grove California.

Train Wreck In Elk Grove

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I flew over the train wreck that happened in Feb 2017 in Elk Grove. The box cars are still scattered along the tracks at Highway 99 and Dillard Road.

Train Wreck Dillard and Highway 99

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The train wreck happened in Feb. 2017 and the train company just left the cars scattered around the tracks in Elk Grove. Yo9u can see all the cars from Highway 99 and it sure is an eye sore.

Flooding Laguna & I5 Freeway in Elk Grove

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I flew after the flooding in Elk Grove at Laguna and I5 Freeway.

Walnut Gove Tower

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I was flying by the tower in Walnut Grove

Elk Grove California

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I flew my Drone over our Christmas Decorations at our home. I hope you like them.

My Christmas Decorations

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I flew over my home with all the Christmas Decorations for 2016

Elk Grove Automall

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Flew over the Elk Grove Automall. Tons of vehicles, cars, trucks and SUV's.

Laguna Lake

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The field next to Laguna Lake off of East Lake in Elk Grove California

Laguna Lake Elk Grove California

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Video of Laguna Lake in Elk Grove California off of East Lake. Enjoy!

Laguna Lake Elk Grove

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This is in the Laguna Lake Housing area her in Elk Grove California

Elk Grove Sunset

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I took a picture of the sun setting in Elk Grove California


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this is the Courtland bridge along the Delta River south of Sacramento and Elk Grove

Elk Grove Auto Mall

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This is t a parking lot where they store all of their cars at the Elk Grove Auto Mall.

Stone Lake Refuge

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The Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, located south of Sacramento, California, lies within the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta, the destination of thousands of migrating waterfowl, shorebirds, and other water birds.

Elk Grove Park

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Picture of the pond in Elk Grove Park

Nattoli Park Habitat

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Flew over the Nattoli Park Habitat in Elk Grove , California