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Hazy dawn patrol

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Kayakers taking first ride in the misty morning on Soča river.

Most na Soči

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A small town Most na Soči, named for its location - on the emerald Soča river

Beach Stroll

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Mother and daughter strolling down the beach at Sanibel Island in south west Florida.

Wekiva Springs

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Central Florida spring from above one late winter afternoon.

Morakot, Koh Mook

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The hidden beach at Koh Mook, also known as Morakot in Thai or Emerald Cave in English. It can only accessed through a cave from the sea.

Above Emeralds [Flying Ireland]

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Enjoy the stunning beauty of the Irish landscape around Sligo and Mullaghmore with selected aerial views. Coinciding with the 3rd annual conference in 'Surfing Medicine' and jetski rescue training with the 'Irish Tow ...