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Trawler hauling nets showing perfect symmetry

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My fishing boat pictured from a seagulls eye view at 1am on a cold calm January morning

Solo Kitesurfer Learning

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Solo Kitesurfer teaching a new student how its done

Solo Kitesurfer

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Front shot of sole Kitesurfer

Solo Kitesurfer

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Solo Kitesurfer heading out to old shipwreck in large expanse of blue sea

Jurys Gap Camber Kitesurf Flip

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Kitesurfer doing a flip on water at popular Kitesurfing destination on South Coast

Jurys Gap Camber

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Popular Kitesurfing Beach at Jurys Gap, Camber, in Spring with Flowering Oilseed Rape Fields and Kitesurfers.

Wembury Point looking towards the Mew Stone

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A view out from the coast of this landmark of the local area, the Mew Stone