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Salat Harvesting in the Center of Taiwan

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Salat Harvesting in the Center of Taiwan


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The farmer with ducks were in the way to home after a day out for food in Mekong delta, Vietnam

In the daisy garden

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The farmer was taking care of her family’s daisy garden, in preparation for lunar new year festival in Dong Thap province, southwest of Vietnam

How small is the world

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Farmer fields make joy and work.

Harvest as in a fight field

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the last rest

Rest of the harvest

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Harvest until the last rest.

Farmers work today

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Es gibt viel zu tun...

Harvest in the late afternoon

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In the picturesque landscape, the farmer harvests his crops.

Bungalow on ocean

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a quiet place perfect for meditation

Rice farmer

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Farmer in the ricefield - Bali

Landscape artist

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Artistic work of the farmer...

Farmer and hid paddy field

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Farmer and hid paddy field

Planting the Prairie!

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Dusty Sunset!

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Planting the Prairie!

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Farmers harvesting corn

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Farmers busy harvesting corn. It's a great thing to film with a drone

Farmers cutting and shaking out grass

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Farmers busy with cutting and shaking grass. The last cut of 2017, more to come next year. The tractors used are a John Deere 6130r Autopowr, and a NewHolland TS100. The mowers are Kuhn mowers, and the shaker is ...

Orange Rice Farmer

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activity of Rice Farmer at Ricefield

Hannes Eichinger

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Sexy woman with white, blue dress goes and dances by in rye field

Hannes Eichinger

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sexy woman with hat and short jeans and sunglasses is in rye field in summer

Onian Farm in Samas Beach

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There is something interesting in Yogyakarta-Indonesia, which is onion farm. Precisely at Samas Beach, south of Yogyakarta. Onion vegetables are grown on sand beaches, not soil.

The farmer

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Farmer working in a coffee terrace


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Farmers Cultivating Onion

Farmer plant his seeds

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Farmer plant his seeds