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Farnahm Castle

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City of Farnham at sunset

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Farnham castle in the forefront

Bourne Woods, Surrey, Enland

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Location used for the opening scene of Gladiator, Transformers, ...

Sunset over Farnham Castle, UK V2

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farnham castle

Waverley Abbe, English Heritage, Farnham, England

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Ruins of the first Cistercian Abbey built in England (located in Farnham, Surrey)

Bird nest 2

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Alice Holt Forest

Bird’s nest (or kids playing in the forest, Surrey, england)

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Alice Holt Forest

Waverley abbey bridge

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Waverley Abbey bridge, Farnham

Waverley abbey, Farnham

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Waverley abbey and Waverley House, Farnham, Surrey

Wellington Statue, Aldershot

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Wellington Statue, Aldershot, surrey

Farnham Castle

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Sunset over Farnham Castle

Farnham Castle / Chateau de Farnham, surrey, england

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Farnham Castle

Sunset on Farnham Castle

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Sunset on Farnham Castle

Winners announced

Dronestagram drone photo contest 2018

Dear dronists,
We are very excited to announce the winners of the 5th annual International Drone Photography Contest. Thank you all for participating! We are very proud of our community!

We now have 3 beautiful winners. Please have a look at the Winners page and discover their amazing work!

stay tuned!