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Le Rhône

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Yuneec Breeze Alt 4om

Flower field

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Flower field somewhere on Crimea peninsula

Sunset over the fields

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Germany. July 2019. Mavic2Pro.

Acre clash

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Germany. July 2019. Mavic2Pro

Solar Farm

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Solar Farm near Deanshanger

Natural Patchwork

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Like pieces of fabric a pieces of fields.

2cv bleue paille

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a 2CV citroên in the field in Provence near the Mont Ventoux Vaucluse

Picking, israel

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Strawberries and flowers picking

High seat

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High seat at winter field.

Sheep & shadows on a cold winter’s day

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Cold winter morning, sheep & their shadows

Wheat fields on former wetlands

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Harvested wheat leaves an abstract pattern reminiscent of antlers spreading through this hilly territory in this desert region, thanks to the outlines of former wetlands in Aragon, Burgo de Ebro, Spain.


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Aerial view on the lake

Night of the Crane

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Cranes come by the hundreds to nest at night at this rookery in Lago del Cisne (Swan Lake), viewed from above.

Rice Field

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Beautiful rice field in Bali.

The enchanted soccer field

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A gem of a find in a soccer field hidden amongst forestry.

Embrace your gray

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Selfie in a cotton field. What does it mean to embrace the gray hair and not apply colors to it?

New life

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Hunting for interesting shapes on the fields. Otmuchów, Poland.

Harvest as in a fight field

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the last rest

Rest of the harvest

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Harvest until the last rest.

Deer Tracks

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Deer and car tracks in a farmers field near Accord, NY

Winter wonderland

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South Moravia, Czechia

El granero del mundo

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Workers finishing some testing of a new tractor to prepare for the season

Sunset at the countryside Penang malaysia

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Sunset at the countryside Penang malaysia

Paddy field in Malaysia Penang

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Paddy field in Malaysia Penang