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who’s looking at who?

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Dolphins at play, Fiji


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Escape to an isolated sand bar

surf girls

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Two female surfers paddling out from the beach, Fiji Islands

Snorkeling in paradise

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Snorkeling the crystal clear waters of Fiji


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A couple snorkels around a private island accessed by their floatplane.

The island from up high

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360 panorama stitched together from 34 separate images. What a beautiful place.

Half Moon Bay

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Chasing the boat as we get a tour of one of the 100 places to see before you die.


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Taking a quick swim from a standup paddle board, Fiji Islands


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Snorkeling from a traditional bilibili over beautiful coral reefs, Fiji

Yasawa Islands, Fiji

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Manta Ray Resort in the Yasawa Island chain, Fiji

Drawaqa Island, Yasawa Region, Fiji

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A large adult Manta Ray near the surface as it feeds on plankton in the strong currents of the incoming tide. This image was taken in the narrow channel between Drawaqa Island and Naviti Island, in the Yasawa Island g...

Yasawa Islands, Fiji

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A snorkeller follows a Manta Ray

Yasawa Islands, Fiji

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A snorkeller swims along side a Manta Ray

Denarau Island, Nadi, Fiji Islands

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Sunset shots around Denarau Island in Nadi, Fiji

Fiji, Tavarua Island

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tavarua island view from the top