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Out to Sea

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Fishermen sail the coracle on the beach of Binh Thuan, a coastal central province of Vietnam. The coracle is a rounded small, lightweight and flexible boat. Fishermen who navigated the coracle must have excellent heal...

Passing the mangrove forest

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A family of fishermen on their boat to pass through the mangrove forest in Hue, Vietnam


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A couple of fishermen start a new fishing day in Hoi An, Vietnam


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Sort fish caught


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The fisherman was pulling the fishing net in mangrove forest in outskirt of Hue city, Vietnam


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Fishermen in Brazil wake up early, take their crafted boats and go fishing to feed us.

fishing boats on the dock

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photo are made, by me Evgeny Machekhin, on a trip in 2018 to the countries of South-East Asia


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Two fishermen, two ways of fishing.

Taiwan mood #1 docks in Tainan

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Have a look on this chill and quiet area, located in Tainan, traditional heart of Taiwan. Yep, this long sequence shot is not well centred... Music : Third P - Ugly people. 2009 Exact location : 22.986773, 120.15...

Kaciveli, Crimea, Russia

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The fishermen on the boat.

Lake Tai, Southern China

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A fleet of traditional junks heading out fishing at sunrise, Huzhou, China.

Caesarea port, israel

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Fishermen in Caesarea port

Caesarea, israel

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Fishermen In caesarea port