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Malawi River – Flood survey

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Flood survey near Lilongwe, Malawi

Flooded forest near San Vincente

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Flooded forest near San Vincente, Northern Spain,


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Flood at Városfalva.

Oval of trees

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Oval of trees in a submerged floodplain during high water in the river IJssel in the Netherlands.

Flood in the river

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During high water in January 2018, floodplains along the river IJssel in the Netherlands were flooded and many trees were surrounded by water.

Flood Plain San Antonio

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This is one of the flood plains in San Antonio Texas design to take extra rainfall and prevent flooding.


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Due to heavy rain and strong wind the peninsula of Niederried was flooded and many trees felt down.

Flooded trees

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Heavy rain and strong winds caused damages in the forest

Milano Paddy Field

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In Northern Italy, to grow up rice plants, farmers fload paddy fields. Then they go for an aperitivo.


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Soomaa National Park during floodtime, also known as the fifth season. For more photos visit my website: www.karladami.com

Cow walking in the flood

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A cow walking in the flood of Entre Rios, Argentina Photo: Tomás Thibaud – Drone Films Project All rights reserved: dronefilmsproject@gmail.com Instagram @Dronefp

1 phantom y a crue

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I use to leave there this time...my city was in flood, my street, my house..

acqua alta 5

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po river flood

acqua alta 4

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po river flood

Spring Flood

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Spring Flood, Kaunas, Lithuania

Free green Dots

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Flooded land in Poland

Way in a flooded countryside

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Flooded land in Poland

River flooding

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River flooding

River flooding

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River flooding


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Hay bales on little island