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Awesome Meteora in the sunrise

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I consider myself to be really lucky person, as I have visited this sacred place for the first time in my life, while it was covered by the snow off season! We got a legal permission to flight a drone over this peacef...

Top Down of the Trestle!

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Overlooking the Half Moon Trestle!

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Winter Railroad!

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Drone footage that shows the beauty of Svalbard in the Arctic

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This short video is drone footage I shot on a tall ship expedition of the Svalbard archipelago in Norway, high in the Arctic circle. The footage shows how truly beautiful the place is. Watch as I fly over polar mount...

Belgium Brabant

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Paramotor flight during winter sunny day in belgium

Zbiornik Sosnówka

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Just a snapshot of the hot air balloon we flew yesterday. I took my drone DJI Phantom 3 Advanced on board! :-)

K2, Pakistan

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I am very grateful to Czech climber Klára Kolouchová, who invited me to join her at U.S. International expedition to the second highest peak of the World, mystic K2 at Karakoram, Pakistan! This is a short movie about ...

Winter Park Colorado

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The sun was just about gone when I stopped to take this photo, so I had to get this shot quick before I lost the light. The temp was also a factor as it was about 10degs out and dropping fast. The coming darkness adds...

Sněžka, Krkonoše, Czech Republic

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This is a short movie showing, how it is great to fly Phantom 3 Advanced in the real winter. It is a part of our training to K2 expedition! :-)