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Docked Canoes, Elmina, Central Region, Ghana

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Docked canoes on the Benya Lagoon in Elmina, Central Region Ghana


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Cape Three Points Lighthouse, Ghana


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Waves on the rocks

Morning light on the lighthouse

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Officially the closest lighthouse to 0/0

gone fishing

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Early morning fishing scene

Fishing for Africa

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Fishing boat is collecting its net

catch of the day

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Fishermen at work in Ghana

Morning waves from above

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Southern Ghana early morning

The tiny Island at sunrise

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At the most southern point in Ghana, close to 0/0 at sunrise

Iture, Elmina, Central Region, Ghana

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A videotry on Iture, the estuary.

Iture, Elmina, Central Region, Ghana

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Iture an estuary in Elmina


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a lake in Accra

Elmina, Central Region, Ghana

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Fort Coenraadsburg or Conraadsburg, also Fort Sao Jago da Mina, is a fort in Elmina, Ghana.It was built in 1652 to protect Fort Elmina from attacks.

Elmina, Central Region, Ghana

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Coconut Grove Village is the new addition to the Coconut Grove Hotels family. The 'village' is designed to give our guest the feel of a typical African setting.

Coconut Grove Beach Resort, Elmina, Central Region, Ghana

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Coconut Grove Beach Resort has become an important land mark in Elmina, in the town that has the historic world heritage Elmina Castle & St Jago Fort. It has become the hotel of choice for rest and relaxation by p...

Keta, Volta Region, Ghana

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Shot taken during a research trip to Ghana to study coastal erosion. The beach in this region is retreating at very fast rates (up to 5 meters per year), and it is causing problems to fishermen who need the beach to p...

Keta, Volta Region, Ghana

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Shot taken during a research trip in Ghana, where we study coastal erosion using drones. A kid followed the flight of our drone all over the beach we were studying, and was respectfully waiting for us to finish. I cal...