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Monolitos de Hatofiero, Chocontá Cundinamarca

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This is unrecognized place, located at north of Cundinamarca, Colombia. Its called Monolitos de hatofiero; Top of view, this figures are similar a dinosaur and crocodile monster.

Sequía cenital

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This is a shot taken on autumn 2017 in Embalse de Entrepeñas (Spain), where the devastation of the place is clearly visible due to global warming and the wrong regulations taken nationwide that take water out of empov...

Floating icebergs

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Giant pieces of melting ice, remnants of the collapsing glacier, float motionlessly in the mud-coloured brown glacier lake until they vanish forever. Hoffellsjökull, Iceland.

Nepriche Lake

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Nerpiche Lake, North East Siberia, floods of June-August 2018. Compare it to http://www.dronestagr.am/a-stream-in-the-tundra-near-the-nerpiche-lake-middle-of-nowhere-north-east-siberia/

Pacifica Coastal Erosion 10-29-17

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Pacifica Coastal Erosion 10-29-17

Above sea(s) level

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Above the sea(s). Surfing the clouds. Preserve nature.

I will tree here too

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I will tree here. Standing up. Preserve nature.

Smile on haze

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The haze is an annual problem caused by fires set in forest and on carbon-rich peatland in Indonesia to quickly and cheaply clear land for palm oil and pulpwood plantations.

Westerly Road to East Orlando, FL

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Highway 50, West, to Orlando, FL, crossing the St. Johns River on the wonderful rural to suburban East Orlando

Airboat Launch at Midway, Hwy 50, St. Johns River and South of the Seminole Ranch Conservation Area

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Airboat launch, Hwy 50, East of Orlando, FL

Burned Earth at Midway Hwy 50

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Results of the Central Florida fires in the months of draught.

Wind, Earth, and Fire!

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A view of the St. Johns River and the draught starved wilderness, fire smoke in the horizon, South Easterly view, from Midway Hwy 50.

City devastated by a Flood

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Concordia City in Argentina under a Flood. You can see the contrast between the train and a small boat. Photo: Tomás Thibaud - Drone Films Project All rights reserved: dronefilmsproject@gmail.com Instagram: @Dronefp

Sneaking Blue

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Vatnajökull, Icelands largest glacier, is covering eight percent of Iceland. But it is melting way too fast because of the global warming.

Giant’s Roots

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This Picture is showing only a very small part of the impressive glacier (Vatnajökull) and its crevasses. Due to the climate change the glacier melts way faster than expected.

MOSE, Venice, the bulkheads in the mouth between Pellestrina and Malamocco

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Venice will be protected against the raising sea level by MOSE, one of the world most amazing engineering project. The gigantics bulkhead are waiting to be sink to the seabed, from where they will raise, closing the l...

Last Ice Hunter

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In East Greenland hunt still reminds old time. But for how long people will be able to you dogsled to hunt? The Inuit started to sell their dogs last winter... Ice condition to hard during winter.

What Lurks in the Shallows

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Hidden in the Canning River (Perth, WA) between Salter Point and Shelley there lays an old WWII Barge

Burnt Crop Vs Salt Lake

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Snapped just off the Great Eastern Highway near Tammin, it displays the harsh environment many Western Australian farmers are forced to grow their crops in. The left portion of the image is a burnt crop and the right ...

Koran River Camp

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This is a camp for peatland restoration that monitors the flora and fauna in Sabangau National Park. A useful monitoring technique is to record the wildlife occurring in peatlands. In this way, research can provide va...

The birth of the Ox-bow lake: meadner formation.

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The river just cut off the meander loop through the permafrost. New oxbow lake will be formed in few seasons.

Broken Sea Ice

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As the climate change, the ice is not formed in East Greenland. It impact the Inuit culture that live on the ice to hunt.

A lookout over the melting sea ice…

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Our expedition group (and the snow scooters) looking out over the ever melting sea ice. Last year was a very poor sea ice year...

a frosty winter morning

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smoke rising from a district heating station on a frosty winter morning