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São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil

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Photo of Skyline at São Paulo, Brasil. Fotografia do Skyline em São Paulo com drone DJI Phantom e gopro hero 2.

65,000 ft. Over Albuquerque, USA

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This from our balloon drone ! We flew a balloon to near-space with APM and Px4 autopilots. Also on board were 2 APRS tracking units. We plan to drop an X8 plane from 100kft and fly it back. Earl

niteroi rio de janeiro, Brazil

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rio de janeiro

rio de janeiro, Brazil

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foto tirada bahia guanabara rio de janeiro

Rio, Brazil

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Arpoador, Rio, Brazil

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Rio de janeiro, Brazil

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Cagarras, Rio de janeiro, Brazil

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Downtown Austin, Texas, USA

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Capital of Texas