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4K drone footage of Nuuk, Greenland (2)

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Drone video footage of the amazing nature in Nuuk, Greenland.

4K drone footage of Nuuk, Greenland

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Drone video footage of the amazing nature in Nuuk, Greenland. I used a Mavic Pro from different locations at different time of the same day.

Magic Sea Unicorn (Narwhal)

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After several days looking for the mythical animal called narwhal, we finally found them at the end of a fjord in Nunavut. Because they are hunted, they are really hard to approach. When I managed to film them from ab...

Aerial Greenland

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The beauty of Greenland, from above.

Humpback whales of Greenland

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Humpback whales filmed by drone in the UNESCO heritage bay of Disko in Greenland. In the spring, around the Disco Bay area in late May, the Grenland whale can be met close to the land. In spite of being 18 metres...

Sailing in East Greenland with the mast oak ship Donna Wood

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This trip did not only meet all the (high) expectations i had before leaving, but went even further. We have been taken to discover beautiful sceneries, incredible landscapes, unspoiled and pristine nature, accompanie...

Sailing in the ice

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saling in Greenland, disko bay with a sailboat in midle of the iceberg.

Humpack whales

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Humpack whales in Greenland this summer. A mother with her baby.

floating ice

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Floating ice in East Greenland during last winter. Global warming affect all place on earth.


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Crazy Iceberg, stuck in the icepack for winter in East Greenland

Tasiilaq remote city

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Tasiilaq, in East Greenland is the main city here. It is probably one of the most remote big city in the world. Separate from the rest of the world by the ice pack during 9 months in a year.

Last Ice Hunter

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In East Greenland hunt still reminds old time. But for how long people will be able to you dogsled to hunt? The Inuit started to sell their dogs last winter... Ice condition to hard during winter.

Above the glacier

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Above the Glacier Apusiajiik in East Greenland during winter.

Ice Hunter

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Inuit hunting on sea ice. For them hunting is a way of surviving here in the really remote area of East Greenland

Ice formation

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Sea ice foramtion in East Greenland during febuary 2017. We can already see there the climate changes and direct impact on ice.

Broken Sea Ice

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As the climate change, the ice is not formed in East Greenland. It impact the Inuit culture that live on the ice to hunt.

Ice formation

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Formation of the sea in pack ice in East Greenland. Abstract view!

Dogsledding in Greenland

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Dogsledding in East Greenland on the ice pack. Winter 2017


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Above the Glacier Apussiajiik in East Greenland


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Colorful city of Tasiilaq in East Greenland early morning in winter.

Dogsledding in Greenland

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Dogsledding with the Inuit in East Greenland, in direction of Apusiajiik glacier

Greenland Sailing

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The beautiful and endless Rypefjord at the remote East Greenland full of floating icebergs ,our vessel Donna Wood is right below

Iceberg near Greenland

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UgCS team had the opportunity to make this astonishing video of iceberg near Greenland


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Amazing view over Greenland