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aerial view of a village road

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aerial view of a village road

Planet Iceland

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I landed and didn't spend 60min in Iceland and this was my first capture. I knew from this point forward things were going to be endless.

A place in my dream

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Soccer field, located in Seixal, but edited by my imagination

Watching down on the ground, in campaign

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As in the title


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Above excavating site of a new industrial building in Alytus, Lithuania.

trees from above

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trees from above

wheat field texture after storm

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wheat field texture after storm


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If you can choose one place to visit right now where would you go? I would go back to Arizona and continue exploring the beautiful landscapes, Canyons and rich colors the state has to offer. FUN FACT: I shot this w...

Radio communications network

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Complex installation of radio communications antennas for long distance data broadcasting


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my neighborhood


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moment before the storm

Chelyabinskaya oblast, Russia

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Sowing season