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Night soccer game

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un an de tour du monde en 3 minutes

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un an de voyage autour du monde et des souvenirs pleins les yeux. Pour un max d'info sur notre voyage, rendez vous sur thomasetcamille.over-blog.com

Night soccer game with lightning on the horizon

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Night soccer game with lightning on the horizon

Volcán de Agua, Guatemala.

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Volcán de Agua, Guatemala.

Active Vulcano Pacaya Guatemala

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The video is showing the crater of the volcano Pacaya in Guatemala. A video which was seen on my Facebook page more than 227,000 times.

Laguna Ayarza

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The Laguna de Ayarza is a crater lake in the department of Santa Rosa, Guatemala. The lake was created around 20,000 years ago and has a maximum depth of 230 meters. I took the picture with a drone and also have the R...

Volcano Agua

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The volcano Agua (Water) in Guatemala, Central America, on top of the clouds, What for an amazing view.

The smoking volcano

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On the picture you see the crater of the volcano Pacaya in Guatemala, around 50 km from the city. The volcano is very active as you can see. I took the picture with a DJI drone.

Guatemala-City and the volcanos

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Guatemala-City is the capital of Guatemala in Central America. The photo is a mix of nature and urban as you can see a lot of green areas plus the different volcanoes in the background. The pictures was taken with a d...

Island of Flores 3

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The island of Flores from a different angle. Wonderful in the middle of the lake. The Island of Flores is the capital of the department Peten in Guatemala, Central America, close to Tikal.

Flores from above

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The Island of Flores in Guatemala from above. Flores is a small island in the lake Peten Itza and the capital of the department Peten in Guatemala.

Lake Peten Itza Guatemala

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The lake Peten Itza is a lake in the Peten department of Guatemala, Central America. It has an area of 99 km² and a maximum depth of 160 m.

Island of Flores 2

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The Island of Flores is the capital of Peten, a department in Guatemala and located in the lake Peten Itza. The small village has a history back to the 13th century.

Island of Flores

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The Island of Flores as part of the lake Peter Itza in Guatemala with the wonderful stylish houses. Simply an amazing area.

Laguna de Ayarza, Santa Rosa, Guatemala

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The crater Lake Laguna de Ayarza in Santa Rosa, Guatemala. I tookthe picture via drone 400 meters above the lake.

Austrian School, Zone 16, Guatemala

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The Austrian school in zone 16 of the capital in Guatemala via drone.

Lake Amatitlan, Guatemala

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The Mayan Gold Club directly at the lake Amatitlan, Guatemala. Enjoy to play with a wonderful view.


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The new tunnel intersection between the Boulevard Vista Hermosa and the 6th Avenue in zone 10 of Guatemala-City to avoid traffic jams.

Iximché, Tecpan, Guatemala

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The mayan ruines in Iximché, Tecpan, Guatemala via drone. Now you can clearly see the structure of the place. Enjoy a bit of history!

Villa Nueva

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The new tollway passing the city Villa Nueva close to the lake Amatitlan.

Winners announced

Dronestagram drone photo contest 2018

Dear dronists,
We are very excited to announce the winners of the 5th annual International Drone Photography Contest. Thank you all for participating! We are very proud of our community!

We now have 3 beautiful winners. Please have a look at the Winners page and discover their amazing work!

stay tuned!