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Autumn on the road to Transylvania

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Aerial photography of this year's autumn on the Jiului Pass, Transylvania, Romania

Mystic morning over Jiului Valley

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Mystic morning over Jiului Valley, Transylvania, Romania. October 2018

The road to autumn (#2)

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The road to autumn (#2). Near Saint Anna Lake, Transylvania, Romania. Part of my Infinite Road to Transylvania project, October 2018

Magic Transylvania

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A magic place from Romania, Harghita County, Transylvania.


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Harghita Bai

Foot of Transylvania

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The Nyerges-roof or Nyergestető is a 878-meter high passage in Harghita county, Romania connecting the Three Gorges and the Csíki Basin between the Csíki-havas and the Torjai Mountains.

Heart of Jesus Panorama

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Frozen EYE

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Mohos Peat Bog


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Mohos Peat Bog

Chasing Bambi

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Saint Anne Lake

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Follow your heart

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Saint Anne Lake

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Frozen Volcanic Lake