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Sunrise mist

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After a few farly warm days in spring, the weather forecast said: cold night and clear sky. Around here that means fog all over the place. I got out of bed early, trying to catch that foggy sunrise and I was lucky! Fo...

Hazy dawn patrol

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Kayakers taking first ride in the misty morning on Soča river.

The sunrise as the others

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Who says that any sunrise is ordinary? Me definitely not. However, how many of the beautiful moments of the light in the landscape can we capture? 1% Maybe even less. When you do not wake up, you do not what you miss....

Over The Fog

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Hilltop situated church above dense morning fog. Moscow region, Russia.

Smile on haze

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The haze is an annual problem caused by fires set in forest and on carbon-rich peatland in Indonesia to quickly and cheaply clear land for palm oil and pulpwood plantations.

Bundaran Besar, Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

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Palangkaraya – The most polluted place on earth! This photo was taken on October 4th, 2015 when my friends and I did a campaign called “Kalteng with Love” where we gave free masks, milk and vitamin for the people in ...

Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

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Haze pollution in my city Palangkaraya

Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand

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Misty Morning Flight Practice