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Camden Fort Meagher

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Camden Fort Meagher,Crosshaven,Ireland.

An Amazing cinematic single shot…

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An Amazing cinematic single shot above the city of Patras,Greece.

Basilica di San Francesco di Paola

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Basilica di San Francesco di Paola,Napoli,Italy.

CHRISTMAS STAR PARADE 2016 at Tharae, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand.

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Let's celebrate christmas festival with the dazzling star parade on more than 200 cars together with Santa Claus parade, angels and join the Mass ceremony and carry the star while walking around the church. Let's watc...

Sovinec castle, Moravia,Czech republic.

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Castle Sovinec, Eulenburg, robust medieval fortress, one of the largest in Moravia, Czech republic.

Klundert (Noord-Brabant) in 4K | Drone video

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Klundert is een Nederlandse vestingstad in de gemeente Moerdijk, in de provincie Noord-Brabant. Klundert ligt tussen Zevenbergen, Moerdijk en Fijnaart. In 1357 kreeg Klundert, dat tot 1813 tot het Gewest Holland behoo...

Oradea medieval fortress at sunset

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Oradea medieval fortress at sunset. Aerial shot using a DJI Phantom 4 drone.

Food truck festival in Oradea

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Food truck festival in Oradea

The Old Fortress, Kamjanets-Podilskiy, Ukraine

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The Old Fortress, Kamjanets-Podilskiy, Ukraine

Middleages Project

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MIDDLE AGES PROJECT - A photographic project with castles and medieval rocks still present in Lazio and all Italian territories -

Sunset over the Vanubian style fortress of Oradea

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Sunset over the vanubian style fortress of Oradea

Good night, Oradea!

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Gorgeous sunset over Oradea medieval fortress, today!

Brielle Vestingstad (Zuid-Holland), The Netherlands

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Brielle is een oude vestingstad en de bekendste bedevaartsplaats in Zuid-Holland. De grotendeels uit de 17e eeuw stammende vesting van Brielle is een rijksmonument en een van de best bewaard gebleven verdedigingswerke...

Autism Day in Stupinigi

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Stupidii Hunting Palace blue colored on the national autism day

Gougane Barra,Ireland

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Gougane Barra National Forest Park,Co.Cork,Ireland.

Gougane Barra,Ireland

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Gougane Barra, Ballingeary, County Cork, Ireland.

Charles Fort,Ireland.

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Charles Fort, Charles Bastion lines.

Charles Fort,Ireland.

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Charles Fort is one of the finest surviving examples of a 17th Century star-shaped fort. As one of the largest military forts in the country.

Charles Fort

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The Charles Fort,Kinsale,Co.Cork Ireland.

Charles Fort

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Charles Fort,Kinsale,Co.Cork,Ireland. One of Europe's best-preserved star-shaped artillery forts built in 17th century.

Donaustauf, Bayern, Germany

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Walhalla memorial near Regensburg

Arnsberg Castle, Bavaria, Germany

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Arnsberg Castle

Abandoned Airfield, Sperenberg, Brandenburg, Germany

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Abandoned Airfield Sperenberg

Sanssouci, Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany

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