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Howden Minster East Yorkshire

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View from the Air of Howden Minster in East Yorkshire.

Hubsan X4 H501 flights. 360° Little planets using 360° camera strapped to my drone

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Messing around with my Hubsan and my Roofull 360° camera strapped to the bottom of it. Produces a little planet quadcopter: Hubsan X4 H501

Hubsan X4 H501S flight on a winters night on Bridlington Beach

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Winter in Bridlington. Was out for a day of photography on the coast when I decided to film Brid as it turned into night from the beach. The water was choppy and it was quite cold as well. Here's the result

The Sunsets on A power station for the evening. Hubsan H501S flights

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The sun is setting over the power station known as Drax. I wasn't thinking of shooting this day but the orange of a low sun filled my house and I came outside to see what the sunset looked like. As usual it was amazin...

Flying in the countryside at Holme on Spalding Moor with the Hubsan H501c

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Flying in the countryside at Holme on Spalding Moor with the Hubsan X4 H501 flights.

360 degree VR flight over Boggle Hole North Yorkshire

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Strapped my 360 camera to the under belly of my Hubsan H501c and fly over Boggle Hole Beach in North Yorkshire

360 of Howden Minster. 360 camera strapped underneath Hubsan

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360 of Howden Minster. 360 camera strapped underneath Hubsan H501c.

Thornton Abbey Aerial looking down

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Using an Sj4000 camera strapped to my Hubsan H501s to see Thornton Abbey as the quad shoots up into the sky

Flamborough Lighthouse

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Flamborough Lighthouse

how high can I go today?

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how high can I go today? Hubsan H501c

Flamborough North Landing

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Flamborough North Landing

barmby on the marsh

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short video of a local beauty spot


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short flight with my Hubsan X4 H501c quadcpter on Filey beach


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Hubsan X4 H501c flight showing off the Minster at Howden East Yorkshire. Howden Minster is a large Grade I listed Church of England church in the Diocese of York. It is located in Howden, East Riding of Yorkshire, Eng...

Thornton Abbey and Gatehouse

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Thornton Abbey was a medieval abbey located close to the small North Lincolnshire village of Thornton Curtis.


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Little flight in Howden at the Ashes Park with the Hubsan H501c quadcopter and the Roofull 360 panaramic camera strapped underneath. This was an experiment to see firstly if the quad could carry it which it did very w...


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On my way back from a visit I came across this little place and decided to film it. wikipedia: Littleborough is a village[1] within the Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale, in Greater Manchester, England.[2] It is l...

holme on spalding moor

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Short video using the Hubsan x4 H501c to film Holme on Spalding moor in East Yorkshire

humber bridge

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Short time lapse and aerial of the Humber Bridge in east yorkshire


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Short Video of Whitby in Sept 16 including Aerial footage

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