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Howden Minster East Yorkshire

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View from the Air of Howden Minster in East Yorkshire.

Reivaulx Abbey

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In the distance you can see Rievaulx Abbey. Shot this with the Hubsan H501 from a distance as it's not allowed on site

Hubsan X4 H501S Quadcopter flights. North Landing Flamborough Head

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I'd never been to North Landing at Flamborough Head before and decided to take a trip. Wasn't disappointed at all a beautiful place. This was shot during the working week so there was hardly anyone there and a nice su...

Hubsan X4 H501S Quadcopter flights. The Humber Bridge

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Hubsan H501S flights. The Humber Bridge. Revamp of an earlier video I shot last year.

Hubsan X4 H501 flights. 360° Little planets using 360° camera strapped to my drone

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Messing around with my Hubsan and my Roofull 360° camera strapped to the bottom of it. Produces a little planet quadcopter: Hubsan X4 H501

Hubsan X4 H501S flight on a winters night on Bridlington Beach

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Winter in Bridlington. Was out for a day of photography on the coast when I decided to film Brid as it turned into night from the beach. The water was choppy and it was quite cold as well. Here's the result

The Sunsets on A power station for the evening. Hubsan H501S flights

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The sun is setting over the power station known as Drax. I wasn't thinking of shooting this day but the orange of a low sun filled my house and I came outside to see what the sunset looked like. As usual it was amazin...

Flying in the countryside at Holme on Spalding Moor with the Hubsan H501c

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Flying in the countryside at Holme on Spalding Moor with the Hubsan X4 H501 flights.

barmby on the marsh

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short video of a local beauty spot


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flight around Howden Minster in East Yorkshire with the Hubsan X4 H107c +.

Foresta Crystal Lagoon, Metepec, EDOMEX, Mexico

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A view from my home to the entire neighborhood

Hatfield Hertfordshire

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Well I had my Hubsan X4 two days and went to show my dad...He had a try and hit the throttle button...I lost it for 2 days and some kind soul phoned to say they found it...enjoy!


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Halloween Setup

Galten, Denmark

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My first attempt flying a video-equipped quadcopter


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MEETING INTERGALACTIQUE DES PILOTES DE PHANTOM Follow me on Twitter : @QUiKSiLVERMAN Location : Bagatelle, near Paris (France) Date : 03.16.2014 Event : MIPP 4th Edition Music : Lindsay Stirling - Stars Align ...