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Hermitage lagoon

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L'Ermitage is the widest, most extensive and best preserved lagoon in Réunion Island. It is protected from the tumult of the Indian Ocean by a coral reef, and its shallow, crystal-clear waters (less than 6ft/2m), spri...

Reunion Island, waterfall

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Large aerial panoramic of Langevin Waterfalls in south Reunion island. The Langevin river is perfect for canyoning initiation, wonderfull sight on Grand Galet falls. An easy canyon with incredible landscape, a good o...

Anse Mourouk: kitesurf paradise

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An aerial view of the best kitesurf spot of the Rodrigues Island...Welcome to Anse Mourouk ! Be ready, the wind is coming...

Anse Mourouk sunrise

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An empty beach in Rodrigues at 7am: Anse Mourouk. The best kitesurfing spot of this small island

Sunrise in Rodrigues

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Welcome to Rodrigues, in the middle of the Indian Ocean ! I woke up at 5.30 am to shoot this picture.Amazing memories

Raie Aigle

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Eagle ray, raie aigle, Mayotte


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Snorkeling at Flat island

Lux Le Morne beach

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Lux Le Morne beach

Le Morne

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Le Morne

Lahiviyani Atoll, The Maldives

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Aerial view of remote Atoll in The Maldives

Lahiviyani Atoll, The Maldives

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Panoramic view of The Lahviyani Atoll, The Maldives

Aerial shot of Keredu Island, The Maldives

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Aerial shot of Keredu Island, The Maldives

Goelette a Msongoma – Mayotte

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Havre de paix pour les voiliers qui connaissent, récif redoutable pour les navires qui n'ont pas les cartes marines, Mayotte est un fabuleux terrain de jeu nautique...

Mommy whale and baby

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Mommy whale and baby, in Reunion Island

Mont Choungui – Mayotte

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Phare touristique, le mont Choungui est un incontournable de l'île...n'est pas venu à Mayotte celui qui n'est pas monté à son sommet...et on peut y monter en drone ou en ULM...hein ;-)

Infinite Indian Ocean

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Infinite view on the indian ocean.

Lonesome boats

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Boats in the crystal clear turquoise water of the indian ocean


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Whales in reunion island

Whale jump

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Whale jump in the indian ocean, Reunion Island

Île aux Cerfs

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Famous touristic island of Île aux Cerfs at the end of the day, just before sun down.

Tropical Forest Flight

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Flying in the tropical forest of Mare aux Vacoas.


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Mauritian palms

Creve Coeur Panorama

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Panorama of Creve Coeur

Coin de Mire

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Gunners point.