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Smokestack “Strakáč”

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View into 101 meter massive smokestack build in 1961. Ready for demolition in summer 2019

Lignite surface mines in Usti region

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There are four mines in Usti region. Mine Nastup is on the west side and it is largest mine area in CZ. In central part there are two mines on opposite sides, Vrsany and CSA. Vrsany is the youngest one and CSA has the...

Opatovice power station

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See cogeneration coal powered power station Opatovice in Pardubice district. Power station is a landmark on the highway from Prague to Hradec Kralove or Pardubice cities. It produces electric, heating steam, building...

Abandoned Heavy Industrial Complex

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Here is a shot I took above a massive abandoned industrial complex in Bulgaria. The "beautiful" colors/patterns you are seeing are caused by heavy pollution.

Ostrava Agglomeration – Hrudkovna

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Vitkovice - Plant No. 150, preparation of batch (agglomerate). In operation from 1957 to 1998

Parque Eólico de Salas, Asturias

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Parque Eólico de Salas, Asturias, España. www.alphadrones.es

Mina de Hierro de Llumeres

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Minas de Llumeres fueron unas minas de hierro situadas en la parroquia de Bañugues, en el municipio asturiano de Gozón (España). La existencia del mineral de hierro en la ensenada de Llumeres ya era conocida por lo...

aerial view of a village road

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aerial view of a village road

One ring to bind them

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The footing for a 200,000 gallon water tank in Humboldt county. Preparing for the future.

HPP in Kondopoga, Russia

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Hydroelectric Power Plant in Kondopoga, Karelia, Russia

train tracks in germany

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train tracks photographed by drone in aachen

hugh rotary excavator

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hugh rotary excavator photographed by drone in a coal mine

The Tower of moss

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Abandoned Cooling Tower

Chimney of an unactivated industry / Chaminé de indústria desativada

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Chimney of an unactivated industry Chaminé de indústria desativada Lençóis Paulista - São Paulo - Brail

Flooded Gravel Pit

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Flying over a flooded gravel pit on a very sunny day.

Red crane

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Higth tension transformers

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Transformateurs haute tension.

Higth tension transformers

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Transformateurs haute tension.

Panorami mozzafiato con scenari spettrali e abbandonati

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Un luogo abbandonato in mezzo al nulla che regala scenari mozzafiato

Consonno abbandonata

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Un paese abbandonato, ora si trasforma in uno scenario incredibile da fotografare dall'alto