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The Burren. the MAGIC!

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This is what you see when flying above amazing karst modelled by the glaciers. I love it!

Amazing Burren texture

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This is a top-down view on an amazing meanders of the streamlet flowing to the Loch Gealain in the karst landscape of Burren National Park in the Ireland. I love this country!

Sunset karst

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Sunset at one of the amazing karst objects close to Khao Sok national park - Thailand.

Twin Lagoon

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Mesmerizing karst rocks near the Twin Lagoon


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Aerial view of limestone mountain Karst, the Avatar-like mountain pass of sharp cliffs, peak forest and sinkhole landscape at Noen Maprang district of Phitsanulok Province, northern Thailand.

Orlek village, Sezana, Slovenija

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A village in the morning before the fog invasion