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Foggy morning in Kaunas old town, Lithuania

City geometry

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Top down view of square and St. Michael the Archangel church, Kaunas, Lithuania


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Sunrise in Kaunas, Lithuania


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Hot air balloon over Kaunas city, Lithuania


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Carousel in Kaunas, Lithuania


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Confluence of two river in Kaunas, Lithuania

Green city

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Kaunas, Lithuania

Morning sun

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Morning sun, Kaunas, Lithuania

Spring flood

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Spring flood, Kaunas, Lithuania

Magic Susnet

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Magic Susnet, Kaunas, Lithuania

Sliced church in Kaunas, Lithuania

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Sliced church in Kaunas, Lithuania

Church in black and white

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Church in Kaunas, Lithuania, top down view, edited in black and white

Walking in sunset

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Walking in sunset, confluence of two rivers (Nemunas and Neris) in Kaunas old town, Lithuania

Abandoned building

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Abandoned building, Kaunas, Lithuania


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Urban lines, Kaunas, Lithuania


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Nebeprisikiškiakopūsteliaujantiesiems. The longest Lithuanian word. Translation: We never used to pick up shamrocks enough for ourselves.


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Carousel in Kaunas oakwood park, Lithuania

Tree reflection

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Tree reflection, Kaunas, Lithuania

Oakwood park

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Oakwood park, Kaunas, Lithuania

Oakwood park

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The green oasis situated near the Kaunas Zoo is a recreational and sporting area much favored by the residents of Kaunas. Here you can encounter a statue of aurochs, the symbol of the City of Kaunas. This park is the ...

Hot air balloon

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Hot air balloon over Kaunas old town, Lithuania

Morning fog

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Morning fog, Kaunas old town, Lithuania

Volleyball court

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Volleyball court in Kaunas, Lithuania


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Rooftops of Kaunas, Lithuania