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Blue Streak

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A blue whale glides a long the surface while feeding on krill in bath-like water conditions. Blue whales are the largest create to have ever roamed the planet.

DJI Mavic Pro, The best film making tool

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All shots taken by DJI Mavic Pro in 4K Edited by Pinnacle Pro using iPad Pro 9.7" All shots are directly from DJI Mavic Pro This is only for experimental purpose

Laguna Beach, California

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Amazing top to down view over the beach.

Laguna Beach, CA

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Laguna Beach with a 3DR Solo

Crashing Waves

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The waves crashing along the rough rocks at Laguna Beach!

The Proposal at the Victorian Pool

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Will you marry me?

Laguna Beach, CA

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Aerial view of Victoria Beach in Laguna as a storm approaches in the distance.

Swirling currents

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Swirling formations along the shore of Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna Beach, California, USA

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Laguna Beach Sunrise

Laguna Beach, California, USA

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Laguna Beach Sunrise

Victoria Beach, Laguna Beach, California

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View of the beach castle along with the coastline of Laguna Beach in California.

CC Laguna Beach

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CC Laguna Beach Playa el Padron Beach

Laguna Beach, California

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Short flight at Sunrise Laguna Beach. Filmed with GoPro 3+, Phantom 2. This is at Crystal Cove state park in Laguna Beach, Ca. I got there before sunrise for a flight and made this short video from it. It was a fun p...

Montage Resort, Laguna Beach, CA

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Montage Resort, Laguna Beach, CA. Eastern view.

Montage Resort, Laguna Beach, CA

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Montage Resort, Laguna Beach, CA. Western view.

Laguna Beach table rock, USA

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Laguna Beach table rock

Laguna Beach wide, USA

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downtown laguna beach

waves, Laguna Beach, USA

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Fun place to snorkel! Laguna Beach, USA

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hope you enjoy!

Victoria beach. laguna beach, california, USA

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table rock II, Laguna Beach, USA

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just a place i really like to go...

laguna beach, USA

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ambush 'photography'

downtown laguna beach, USA

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more laguna stuff edited w/ gimp/ linux ... hope u enjoy :)