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Kitesurf en Telchac

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Kitesurf en Telchac

Rapidos de Bacalar

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Rapidos de Bacalar

Kitesurf en Telchac

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Kitesurf en Telchac


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Unos pescadores incian las travesias en medio del amanecer en el puerto de Chelem Yucatán México


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Llega el verano y es la hora de que los animales salgan a buscar su presa!

The forest glasses

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In one of the most beautiful places on the planet, nature can show us all its splendor ... And we do not need glasses to see how wonderful the world is. Empadadas lagoon in São Miguel, Azores Islands. Aerial image tak...

St. Bartholomew’s Church

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St. Bartholomew's Church,Germany,Bavaria.

The lake

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Found this small lake, near my city while hiking in the woods the other day. For more amaxin drone shots visit my portfolio at: http://bit.ly/droneshots2019

Windang NSW

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Lake Illawarra, Windang NSW

Lago di Lecco

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Drone above Lago di Garlate right before sunset, view north

Lake view

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Lake Illawarra in NSW

Lakeshore, Canada

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Snapshot of land arch along the coast of Lakeshore marina.

Calm at the Marina

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Collection of boats

Nature bleeding

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The toxic lake at Geamăna, Romania

Lake of Polifito / Greece

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Aerial video from Lake of Polifito.


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Tomando el sol de verano en la costa de Yucatán

Kayak sul Lago Coghinas

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Kayak sul Lago Coghinas

Ombersley Park

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Ombersley park in Worcestershire

Bellagio peninsula

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Bellagio peninsula 2

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