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view timanfaya park


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View timanfaya park

Timanfaya View

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view on the Timanfaya park

Famara view

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View on the Famara Risk

Timanfaya View

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View of the national park timanfaya in Lanzarote


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view of the famara


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View of the fire mountains in Lanzarote.canarias islands

Calmaria no Mar de Lanzarote

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Lanzarote é uma Ilha Vulcânica que faz parte das Gran Canarias Ilhas Espanholas . Sua Capital é Arrecife e possui uma área de 845,9km2 e com seus vulcões adormecidos. Seus contrastes na Landscape são bem visíveis. ...

No fear

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The beautiful and fearless Stefanie Millinger Milli-Artist (aka ëmwolf) visits Lanzarote and shows her amazing strength & flexibility. The golden Buzzer finalist at GGT, born in Austria, loves adrenaline and is a ...


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Did you spot this is a vineyard? Protected from the strong prevailing wind.

Build a road

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You don't want to stray one inch off this road

Lanzarote farm

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Beautiful soil makes this farm take on a very individual character from the air

Lanzarote (Canaria). Winter time 2017-2018

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This video was shooted on Canarian Island Lanzarote and La Graciosa. Shooted by: - Samsung NX500 - Panasonic GH4 - Yi 4K (Time lapse) - Samsung Galaxy S6 :-) - DJI Mavic Pro drone

Mirador Del Rio, Lanzarote

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El Mirador Del Río in Lanzarote is one of the most spectacular views from the North of the island. Although the vantage point faces out North away from the island, looking back towards the South West coast of Lanzarot...

Yaiza, Lanzarote

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Vino de Lanzarote de la variedad Malvasia en suelo volcánico.


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In 2016 we spent 3 weeks on Lanzarote again. The unique landscapes and the fantastic views entice us again back to the island of vulcanoes. Beside this beautiful video, many photos were taken. You can find them here: ...

Travel on giant chocolate

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Travel on giant chocolat bar - Lanzarote island

On the moon ?

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On the moon with a drone ???

Playa Bianca

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A new city for tourists...

Group of hikkers

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A roup of hikkers at Lanzarote

Volcanao Colorada

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Hiking at Lanzarote (Volcano Colorada)


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Hiking at Colorada volcano

Papagayo beach

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Papagayo beach at lanzarote island

la geria

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Vineyard at Lanzarote island