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C for Charlie

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C-type isle on the middle of lake

Race track

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From my aerial sketch book

Into September

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September came with moody mornings.


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As the autumn came, so did chilly nights and a long wait for the first rays of sun to heat yourself back up.

Dawn in the lake district

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First rays of sun over the lake district Latgale, Latvia.

Mistical forest

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Forest hiding in thick morning fog.

Daugava river

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Latvian nature. Daudava river

Latvia, Tome

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Latvian nature

Riga city drone video | 2016

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Alien landscape

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I’m inspired by landscapes that resemble alien worlds. Raised peat bogs of Latvia qualify. Follow my work on: http://instagram.com/arvids & http://facebook.com/eaglewoodphotography

Winter bends

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Meanwhile in Latvia a couple of centimeters of the white stuff called snow fell on the ground. Due to climate change snow has been in a steady decline in our part of the World replaced by wet and dull weather for the ...

Cenu tirelis, Latvia

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Flying in sunrise over swamp..


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Flying above small lake..

Turn right… or left

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Drive safely

Straight Ahead

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"Roads were made for journeys, not destinations" /Confucius/

Frozen old pier

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Two parallel lines that will never meet

Mighty Trees

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From little seeds grow mighty trees

Coast of Latvia

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Sea, beach, forest. A Latvian treasure.

Neo-Gothic church cinematic aerial view | Mavic Pro

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Check out this building!

River bends

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The winding Lenčupe river, Gauja National Park.

Game of Thrones

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The Great Latgale Adventure

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Exploring the land of blue lakes, hospitality, traditional cuisine and crafts together with Latvian photographers and instagramers during digital marketing campaign #InstratripLV. www.eaglewoodfilms.com

Abava Valley

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The Abava Valley is the valley of the Abava River in the historical Kurzeme region also known as Switzerland of Kurzeme. The valley is the route of the historical road from Riga to Prussia and Northern Germany, and as...

Cesis Castle

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On my recent travels to Latvia i visited this beautiful 18th Century castle in Cesis a short 30minute drive north of Riga. Day started off warm and dry but later the clouds were building up caught this snap just in ti...