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Red Sand Beach

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The Beach is located at Shellcove Shellhabour, New South Wales, Australia

Minnumarra River, Illawarra, New South Wales, Australia

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The Minnamurra River, an open mature wave dominated barrier estuary with Stack Island at the mouth. The locals call it Ragoon Island.

Stack Island, Minnumarra, NSW Australia

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Stack Island at the mouth of the Minnamurra River. The locals call it Ragoon Island.

The Farm Beach

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This Beach is located in the Killalea State Reserve, Illawarra, NSW Australia

Aerial Killalea Reserve and Minnamurra River, Mavic 2Pro, NSW Australia.

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Killalea Reserve is a spectacular tract of coastal land that has been dedicated as a public recreation reserve available for surfing, fishing, picnics, bushwalking, and camping. The Minnamurra River, an open mature w...

Sa Cliff Bridge, Illawarra, New South Wales, Australia

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The Sea Cliff Bridge is a balanced cantilever bridge located in the northern Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia. The Sea Cliff Bridge is one of only seven off-shore parallel to coast bridges in the world. ...

The Entrance, NSW Australia

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The Entrance is a seaside holiday destination located on the scenic Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Boneyard Beach, Kiama Downs, NSW Australia

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Boneyard Beach is part of Boneyard and Cathedral Rocks

Cathedral Rocks, Kiama Downs, NSW Australia

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This is one of my favorite spot at the Illawarra coast and there are always Photographers sitting on the Rocks, packed during the night( Milky Way shots), 4 am crowded ( Sunrise shots), Angler on the Beach. But it is ...

Boneyard, Kiama Downs, NSW Australia

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Boneyard has some very unusual rock formations

Norah Head Lighthouse

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Norah Head LIghthouse is a 15 Minutes drive north of The Entrance

Feeding Pelicans at The Entrance

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Every day at 15:30 is the Feeding of the Pelicans

Long Jetty, just before The Entrance

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This Village is named after the very long Jetties at Tuggerah Lake

The Entrance, NSW Australia

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The Entrance at the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia

Warden Head Lighthouse, Ulladulla, NSW Australia

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Ulladulla is a coastal town in New South Wales, Australia in the City of Shoalhaven area. It is on the Princes Highway about 230 kilometers south of Sydney, a picturesque fishing village

Burrill Lake, New South Wales, Australia

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Burrill Lake is a small village on the Princes Highway in the South Coast region of New South Wales, Australia about 10 minutes drive south of Ulladulla

Stanwell Park, NSW Australia

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Stanwell Park is a picturesque coastal village and the northern suburb of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. It is the northernmost point of the Illawarra coastal strip and lies south of Sydney's Royal National P...

The Scarborough hotel, Illawarra Region, NSW Australia

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The Scarborough hotel and its picturesque sea cliff garden are located on the beautiful north Illawarra coast. Perched directly above the sea with sensational views along the coastline to Sydney and Wollongong

The road

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A road leading to new experiences. For more amazing drone shots visit my portfolio at: http://bit.ly/droneshots2019

The Lake

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Found this small lake, near my city while hiking in the woods the other day. For more amazing drone shots visit my portfolio at: http://bit.ly/droneshots2019

Coastal lighthouse

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Wollongong harbour lighthouse at dawn

Reykjanes Lighthouse, Iceland

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Shot this with my Mavic Air while "point of interest-ing" around this beautiful lighthouse on the south western tip of Iceland. Amazing geothermal area behind it as well.

Paphos lighthouse

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The Ppahos Lighthouse

Sunset over Godrevy Lighthouse, Cornwall

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Drone footage of the sunset over Godrevy lighthouse, Cornwall.