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Tree in field

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Zenital view of a lonely tree in a field


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Something Unusual

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Something Unusual

Road to Kelso

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Desert road, not far from Death Valley, California.

Lonely Road

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Carretera solitaria con bonito artardecer por el embalse de Barrios de Luna, Leon, España. www.alphadrones.es

Monument Mirror Stream, Ukraine, Kharkiv

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The Symbol of the city of Kharkiv

Tokyo Rain

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Wet morning in Tokyo


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Single tree in the field.

Krivoy Rog

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I wanted to convey the atmosphere of this place. Place, where combines complete devastation and lonely beauty

Red Lake, Harghita, Transylvania, Romania

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Cheshire East, England

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Lonely tree shadow

Lonely Broken House, Croatia

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Abandoned house.