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Painting the mountains

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Search in the darkness of the night a point of inflection that determines the beauty of our landscapes, combined with the artificial lights of the cars.

Vivere in nubibus

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These years I have lived the pleasure of living among the clouds of my region, thanks to the possibility of flying a drone, my perspective in photography changed forever, now I live among the clouds, "Vivere in nubibu...

Blossom sunrise

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A beautiful sunrise over Cúcuta

The city of threes

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Cúcuta, the city of threes.

Intercambiador de Atalaya

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Una obra que ayudó mucho a esta ciudadela de Cúcuta

The reflection of Venezuela’s reality

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Two years ago the Venezuelan government of the president Nicolás Maduro, ordered to close the border with Colombia, initiating the biggest humanitarian crisis that has never lived Cúcuta, the capital of North of Santa...

The wonders of our field

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Does anyone doubt the about the wonders of our field? We achieved this clip in the village of Cámbulos of Puerto Santander, a place full of magic wherever you look, where the sun illuminates the entire grassland warmi...


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This year the city of Cucuta , capital of Norte de Santander in Colombia , turned 283 years of foundation , for this reason , we decided to make this video as a tribute to this special date .

Puente sobre la redoma San Mateo

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One of the most important bridge of Cúcuta.