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Lviv Tower (4K)

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The Tower in Lviv is the national monument of architecture inscribed under UNESCO's World Heritage List. It was built in 1835 and it is 65 meters high, which makes it the highest Tower in Ukraine.

Old Citadel

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Abandoned citadel at Lviv

Winter at Lviv

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Lviv - is the largest city in western Ukraine.


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History church

Above the Bridge

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How I started my birthday morning.

Center of Lviv

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View of the Town Hall and the central market square of Lviv

Striyskaya Str., Lviv, Ukraina

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Glory Monument

korolenko Str., lviv, ukraina

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Russian Cultural Center bn Lviv


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This summer we've traveled around Ukraine. We visited different regions and found a lot of new and exciting things everywhere. Today we want to share our impressions of Ukraine. We want to impress you too. Ukraine in ...

St. Yura square, Lviv, Ukraina

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St. George square and Andrey Sheptytsky monument, Lviv, Ukraina

University, Lviv, Ukraina

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The university was founded on January 20, 1661 when King John II Casimir of Poland issued the diploma granting the city's Jesuit Collegium, founded in 1608, "the honour of the academy and the title of the university".

Leopolis, Lviv, Ukraine

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Sunset in Lviv

Lviv, Ukraine

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The historical part of Lviv

Ukraine, Lviv

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Lviv city guide.