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Ngau Wu Reservoir, Ma On Shan, Hong Kong

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Ngau Wu Reservoir is located in Ma On Shan, it is a tank with water sourcing from The Hunch Back downward to Wu Kai Sha. There are numerous hiking trails toward Ngau Wu Reservoir walking from the residential areas nea...

Tiu Shau Ngam, Ma On Shan, Hong Kong

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Tiu Shau Ngam is located in Ma On Shan, Sai Kung, it is 588m high, which is lied on the western side of The Hunch Back. ‘Goose Valley’ is a valley lied on the northern side of Tiu Shau Ngam, there are numerous steep r...

Verizon Corporate Office

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Verizon Corporate Office

The Old House At Peace Field

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The Old House at Peace field - Adams National Historical Park

Adam’s House

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The Old House at Peace field - Adams National Historical Park

Ermont Inc

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Cool shot of my favorite dispensary

Starfish Bay, Ma On Shan, Hong Kong

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A beach in Ma On Shan, near Lok Wo Sha, it is known as “Starfish Bay” because little crabs and starfish can be found around the swallow water in that beach. But, due to the rapid developments nearby, starfish is not e...

Lin Ma Hang / Robin’s Nest, New Territories, Hong Kong

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Lin Ma Hang and Robin’s Nest are located at northern side of New Territories, near to Sha Tau Kok and Ta Kwu Ling. There are many abandoned mine caves in Lin Ma Hang, and now have become important bat colonies and has...

Ma Nam Wat, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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Ma Nam Wat (a.k.a. Ma Lam Wat) is a village located in Ma Nam Wat Peninsula, near to Tsiu Hang and Trio Beach. At the end of the Peninsula there is a spot called Pak Ma Tsui, scenic view of Ngau Mei Chau can be seen t...

Shek Lung Tsai Stone Bushland, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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Shek Lung Tsai Stone Bushland is located at Ma On Shan, about 440m to 460m above Shek Lung Tsai Village. Shek Lung Tsai Stone Bushland with some other Stone Bushlands are generally called "Luk Chau Shan Stone Bushland...

Luk Chau Shan, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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Luk Chau Shan is located in Sai Kung, between Ma On Shan and Shek Nga Shan. It is 414m high. There are famous stone bushland with vast piles of huge rocks at the western peak of Luk Chau Shan.

Shek Nga Shan, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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Shek Nga Shan is a 540m high hill within Ma On Shan Country Park, New Territories, Hong Kong, connecting with West Buffalo Hill and Buffalo Hill. Those connected trails cause a precipitous jagged cluster trail along t...

West Buffalo Hill, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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West Buffalo Hill is a 604m high hill within Ma On Shan Country Park, New Territories, Hong Kong. It lies directly west of Buffalo Hill, thus receiving its name.

She Leng, Lok Ma Chau, New Territories, Hong Kong

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She Leng is located in northern New Territories, near Lok Ma Chau, Crest Hill and Ma Tso Lung. She Leng is 143m high, its mountain connected with Tit Hang Shan, the trail on that mountain looks like a snake. The restr...

wu kai sha, ma on shan, sai kung, new territories, hong kong

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Wu Ka Sha Ferry is located at Ma On Shan, 'the heart of the ocean' in Wu Kai Sha Beach is widely known, an lonely elder spent 3 years to build the giant heart by numerous rocks, aiming to bring happiness to the visito...

kei ling hoi ha, sai sha road, sai kung, hong kong

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'Kei Ling Ha' is an area on the Sai Kung Peninsula, it is also known as 'three fathoms cove'. 'Kei Ling' refers to 'Ma On Shan', 'Ha Hoi' conceptually means 'the sea at the bottom of ...' in Chinese, 'Kei Ling Ha Hoi'...

Ma Shi Chau, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong

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Ma Shi Chau Special Area is located in Tai Po, northern east area of New Territories. It is also a Hong Kong Geopark. Sedimentary rocks are of note here, there are oldest rocks dating from around 400 million years ago.

Ma Wan Village, Lei Yue Mun, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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Ma Wan Village, and Ma Pei Village are two of the fishing villages of Lei Yue Mun. The disused mine facilities in Ma Wan Village were usually used in 1960 for TV broadcasting.

ma tso lung police post, ma tso lung, lo wu, hong kong

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Ma Tso Lung is located at Kwu Tung north, it was a restricted area before. The peak near Ma Tso Lung Police Post is the best place to take photos/videos for sunset.

George Washington Statue at the Boston Public garden Boston, MA 02116 United States

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George Washington Statue at the Boston Public Garden (Boston, MA 02116 United States) in April of 2015

Chatham, Cape Cod, Massachussetts, USA

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Flying using Dragon Link Long Range System over Chatham, Cape Cod and Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge. The footage is shot using Gopro Hero2.